Greetings! From the dusty cavern of a lazy girl’s sanctuary.


My name is Louise. I’m from the Philippines. I write and draw yuri stuff.

This blog started out as a place where I could systematically dump my AKB48 fanfics. However, upon further exploration, I realized that I have more yuri stuff to fawn over.

  • Favorite manga (so far): Girl Friends (Morinaga MILK)
  • Others:¬†Fluttering Feelings, WDTFS, Asagao to Kase-san¬†
  • OTP’s (because I’m so gay to have only one): SeolRae; CenNezu; Seju x Sumin (I’m sorry guys); KumiRei; Bumbleby; MadoHomu; Bubbline; Pricefield; NicoMaki; KorrAsami
  • YouTuber I recommend: Erii





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