[Louise-sama] Plain Ceiling (MariHaru)

A sequel to Thin Walls

MariHaru OS

It’s a quiet evening, one of those rare lazy days with nothing remarkable to do. I rest my head on the couch while the TV continues to run the AKBingo program. It has long been since Jurina announced that it’s her favorite show because she gets to see her adorned AKB48 idols, Matsui Rena and Watanabe Mayu. My sister is smiling like a teenage boy upon seeing her crushes play danso. I silently begin to question her humor.

Somewhere in the middle of the gag show, a thought enters my mind.

I turn to my younger sister whose eyes are still glued to the TV.

“Do you still talk to Haruna?” I ask, even though I’m sure that she still does.

Jurina’s curious eyes make their way to mine.

“Yeah,” she replies, “why do you ask?”

I know that she finds it odd—even I would.

I stretch my legs and rest them on the coffee table.

“I still find it weird that you’re bestfriends with my ex,” I admit. She looks at me weirdly.

I raised a brow at her.

“What?” I ask.

“She had always stayed the night here while you were still together. And we have the same tastes in music. It was bound to happen,” she explains.

“I guess you’re right,” I answer plainly. It’s true that they hit it off the moment they met.

I turned my head back to the TV screen even though I’m not really watching the show.

“Why did you ask, anyway? You’ve never asked about Haruna before.”

Oh, no. There goes my sister’s persistence.

“Something just entered my mind, is all,” I try to convince her but fail.

“Pray tell,” she nags.

“Nothing, really,” I answer with a shrug, “I just came across something that reminded me of her.”

Her eyes have not moved from my face, totally abandoning her favorite show.

“Like what?”

I glare at her in annoyance.

“It doesn’t concern you,” I warn her and I saw her flinch.

“It sure does now. Why is it so hard for you to tell me?”

“Because it’s not important.”

Jurina smiles at me like she has just hit a jackpot.

“If it isn’t so important then tell me.”

She sure knows how to push my buttons.

“I just came across a picture of her while cleaning, that’s all.”

“We still have that picture of the three of us displayed on the fridge,” she counters, invalidates my reason, “why now?”

“I don’t know. I just did. Jeez, Jurina, you’re pissing me off,” I groan and she finally gave up.

“Fine, old lady. But if you’re really concerned about her, she’s doing great with her modeling career—and I dunno if this is surprising but she’s hitting it off with Yuko.”

I know the part where Yuko landed a contract with the leading modeling agency in Japan but to think Haruno is dating Yuko…

“Yuko never mentioned about dating Haruna,” I carefully say, not wanting to give off the wrong signals.

“She doesn’t have to tell you. You’re over now.”

“Thanks for reminding me, little sister. Really appreciate it,” I reply with sarcasm and Jurina laughs. “I just thought she’d tell me. You know—girls’ code.”

Jurina shrugs her shoulders.

“Maybe she’s just waiting for the right timing,” Jurina tries to comfort me.

“When I date someone, I always tell her right away,” I argue. Somehow, I feel like Yuko did me wrong. “And this is Haruna we’re talking about. She’s my ex.”

A small smirk creeps on Jurina’s face.

“Are you jealous?” she teases.

“I’m not jealous that my ex-girlfriend is dating my bestfriend,” I answered flatly.

“I can’t tell when you’re being sarcastic.”

I sigh at my own childishness. Yuko is my bestfriend. I’m sure she doesn’t mean any harm.

“They suit each other well,” I repeatedly convince myself.

I cannot see my sister’s face so I cannot tell whether she agrees or not. I’m a jerk so she probably does though.

“And if they’re right for each other, Haruna would finally get married the way she always wanted to.”

“Marriage? Haruna?”

I glance at my sister and back to the ceiling.

“She’s always wanted to get married,” I rephrase, “not a day went by that we didn’t talk about it.”

“She never brought it up with me,” Jurina admits.

Strange. We always talked about it. Haruna even designed her own wedding dress. I remember her beautiful face when she showed it to me.

“She probably wanted to marry you.”

I take a moment to register what Jurina has said.

The memory of Haruna naked on top of me the night she told me she wants to get married to someone who could make her come thrice—I made her come five times that night.

The memory of Haruna practicing how to cook because she said she wanted to be a good wife—she cooked my favorite dish.

The memory of Haruna writing her wedding vow that she never let me read—I secretly did and saw my name.

Haruna on a wedding dress.

Haruna without a dress.

I miss her.

I miss Haruna.

I miss taking care of her.

I miss being taken care of by her.

I smile despite the ache in my heart.

“Shame, you lost a good girl,” Jurina sympathizes with me. She doesn’t have to. At least I know that once upon a tragic fairy tale, she rooted for me. And I’m just grateful for that.

I pat the top of her head and turned to the TV advertisement where Haruna shows up in a wedding dress.

“You’re right.”

Jurina steals a glance at me while I stare at the ceiling. Plain, despite my obsession with glamour—something that Haruna and I have in common. I realize how boring it is. No wonder Haruna complained so much about it before.


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