[Louise-sama] Tasty (JuriMayu OS)

While I’m struggling for inspiration for my series updates, I’ll let you feed on my crappy one-shots first.

In this story, Yuko and Mayu are sisters (I’ve been loving the Oshiri sisters lately); Mariko and Jurina are sisters; Yuko and Haruna are married; Atsuko and Takamina are married; Jurina and Mayu are married. And oh! I added an original character. Humour is not my genre, so I hope this doesn’t seem forced. Well then, enjoy! ^_^





JuriMayu and others ft. Louise

     Everytime Oshima Yuko looked at her niece, she was reminded of a five-year-old Mayu. The little girl looked just like her little sister when she was twenty years younger: the same raven hair, puppy-like brown eyes, and an innocent expression that would bring out the maternal instinct of any female, young or old.

     Yuko casually grabbed a can of beer from the refrigerator. She stopped halfway when she saw a little Louise was looking at her with a curious expression.

     “Yuko-obasan, what is that?” she pointed at the beer on Yuko’s hands, and suddenly, Yuko was hit with a vague memory of why she was not looking after her sister’s daughter in her own house. A hand fiercely grabbed the can away from her hand, and she was faced with a death glare from the owner of this apartment.

     “Mou, Yuko. Do you want Louise-chan to get drunk again?” Atsuko whispered in a dangerous tone.

     Ah, right.

     Yuko had once poured a cup of beer for Louise to drink when she was babysitting the child, and Mayu was not particularly happy about it when she found out. It was the day Yuko found out that her sister had quite a temper, and for the first time in her life, she felt sorry for the girl who dared to marry her sister.

     Speaking of whom, Mayu and Jurina were nowhere to be seen in the apartment. They had to attend a dinner with Aki-P for some reason. They could have brought Louise along with them but Jurina was so scared that Akimoto might end up having a hyped liking for their daughter to be in the entertainment industry as early as five. Coincidentally, the gang held a mini-gathering at the Takahashi’s residence.

     “Hey, I was not planning to give it to Louise!” Yuko defended, throwing her hands in the air. “I’m used to drinking alcohol, Mrs. Takahashi. It’s a force of habit.”

     “Not when there are children around,” growled Atsuko.

     Yuko narrowed her eyes at her former lover and turned to look at Takahashi Minami for help, but the ex-General Manager just shrugged her shoulders, a gesture saying that she should not argue on the matter further for Atsuko is the boss. Yuko did not understand why up until now, she would have to endure AKB’s former ace when she was on vacation from her work.

     “It’s something that you’ll like when you’re older, Louise-chan,” Yuko put on her best smile, and Louise raised her eyebrows in a curious manner.

     “Does Mama Jurina like it too?” she asked, her round eyes rolling as she spoke. All the adults in the room laughed.

     “Your Mama Jurina probably does not like it that much,” said Mariko. She was sitting next to the child on the dining table and she rested her chin on her palm. “In fact, she can’t stand it at all.”

     “That’s not a very nice thing to say to your little sister, Mariko,” said Miichan.

     “But it’s true, Miichan! Jurina can’t take any alcohol. Remember the time when Sae had to bring her to the hospital because she drank a shot of vodka?”

     “Vodka?” Louise raised her voice. She was always interested in learning new things, and she wanted to know what this ‘vodka’ thing was.

     “It’s a kind of juice that only adults could drink, Louise-chan,” Atsuko interjected before anyone could say a word. Yuko stared.

     “Why am I being treated so differently from Mariko? she murmured, and Haruna elbowed her in the shoulder, gesturing her to stop talking.

     “Is it tasty?” Louise kept pressing on the subject. She didn’t notice the slightly nervous look on the adults’ faces. They exchanged looks at each other, trying to figure out a way to respond to the kid.

     “It is, but only adults will think it’s tasty, Louise-chan. Children do not like it,” Haruna tried to break the silence. She looked at the others, silently begging them to change the topic.

     “Only adults think it’s tasty…” Louise repeated her words, “so does it mean it’s as tasty as Mama Mayu?”

     Everybody stopped their actions for once, and they all stared at the child.

     “…what?” Yuko finally asked. The others were also startled by the child’s question, even though they did not really understand it.

     “Mama Jurina says Mama Mayu is tasty sometimes.”

     It was the beginning of summer, but to the AKB graduates present in the room, it felt like a cold, frosty winter when their mind started to wander into a wild, forsaken soil.

     “…when did your Mama Jurina say that?” Takamina carefully asked. She had a vague idea of what the child was referring to, but she did not want to jump to conclusions so fast.

     “She only says that when she is alone in the room with Mama Mayu.”

     Takamina covered her hand over her face. That was too much information for the kid to take. The other adults also caught on the unspoken context there, and they looked horrified. Haruna and Yuki could not hide the blush on their faces. Atsuko had a scandalous look on hers. Yuko’s face was drained of all colors. Miichan and Mariko, however, looked as if they had just discovered a piece of treasure.

     “Louise-chan,” Mariko started wearing a grin that can never be any wider, “can you tell us more about it?”

     Louise poked her cheek with her finger, rubbing it in slow motion as her eyes looked around the room. “She only says it when they are playing with each other.”

     In normal circumstances, Yuko would have laughed out loud. But now, when this matter involved her sister—her cute, innocent, angelic, precious little sister—she only had a look of pure horror in her face.

     “How do they play with each other?” Yuki’s eyes sparkled. “And how often?”

     “Hm…I dunno.” The innocent girl said, looking at the ceiling as she was trying to give an answer. “They sometimes do not close their door, and that is when I hear Mama Jurina say Mama Mayu is tasty.”

     “I-I need a beer,” Takamina declared, and without waiting for any response she removed herself from the dining table. Atsuko did not bother about the rule of ‘no alcohol with children presence’ as she joined her wife in the kitchen.

     “Count me in,” Haruna said and walked towards the kitchen to get one too. Now, there were only Yuko, Mariko, Miichan, and Yuki present at the table. It wasn’t like Yuko really wanted to listen to this conversation about her sister and her wife’s private matter, but she was just glued to the chair and she could not find the strength to walk away. She kept staring at her niece, who looked surprised as the others were walking away from the table.

     “So, back to the question. How do they play with each other?”

     “They look like they are eating each other like food,” Louise happily declared.

     A collective set of coughing was heard from the kitchen.

     Upon seeing Miichan urging her to go on, the five-year-old girl tried to describe the scene to her aunts. “Mama Mayu sometimes climbs on Mama Jurina and Mama Jurina will do the same. They jump around the bed a lot too!”

     Mariko began to hit the table with her hand, giggling uncontrollably. “That’s my sister for you!”

     Yuki’s lips were lifted to their highest, hearing something juicy about her best friend.

     “They like to take off their clothes when they play. I think it makes them look more like food. After all, food does not have any clothes.”

     Yuko was mumbling something incoherent, and Yuki could only grasp words like “Matsui” and “kill.” Now, she just wanted to hide under the table. Or the couch. Or anywhere that she would be able to forget what the innocent child had said.

     “They move around a lot, and Mama Mayu always makes strange sounds. Mama Jurina makes a deep voice and Mama Mayu sounds like a little kitten. They also look tired afterwards.”

     Atsuko and Haruna started to curse from the kitchen, quite contrary to their nature.

     “But then Mama Jurina will say Mama Mayu is tasty and pretty and they jump around again. Can food be pretty and beautiful?”

     “Indeed, can it be?” Mariko flashed an evil smile at the three girls standing in the kitchen. “Why don’t you ask Takamina-obasan?”

     Takamina paled immediately and almost dropped the can of beer onto the ground. It was her second can already.

     “Er…I…Um…” Seeing Louise staring at her with those innocent brown eyes made her heart twitch. “Ah, Atsuko dear, do you know that?”

     “W-What?” Atsuko spat out the beer she was drinking and coughed a few times. She blushed furiously as she waved her hands in the air, as if drawing an imaginary image to explain that. But then, she was not immune to the young child’s pure gaze. Sorry Haruna, she mentally noted. “Haruna, you’re her oba-san. Why don’t you explain to Louise what that is?”

     “Eh?!” Haruna stared at her friends with a betrayed countenance. She gulped as Louise’s glance now landed on her. She gritted her teeth and faintly mumbled. “Uh…I guess it can be…?”

     Yuko banged her head on the table consecutively, hoping that this was just a dream and she would wake up soon. Seriously, she had already complained about Jurina and Mayu getting married at the bare age of twenty and twenty three, and having a child one year later only made her feel worse. She never expected to be an auntie at the age of twenty-nine. Regardless of how much she trusted Jurina as a friend and comrade, she would always think of Mayu as her little sister who should remain pure and innocent.

     And she couldn’t believe that her own perversion had rubbed off to her kouhai, Jurina, and was used against her sister.

     And now, her niece was spraying heavy salt on her open wound.

     “Did you ever ask them what they are doing?” Mariko asked while smirking, satisfied how the three girls looked now. While she found this totally hilarious, she also wanted to know if her sister and Mayu were, uh, aware they constantly forgot to lock their door.

     “Not yet,” Louise cutely replied. She then turned to Miichan and Yuki. “Should I tell them?”

     “NO!” the two women screamed together, causing Louise to jump on her seat, surprised.

     “Louise-chan, be a good girl and don’t say a word about this to your Mama Jurina and Mayu, okay? This will be our little secret, and big girls always keep their promise. Okay?” Miichan showed her pinkie, and Louise, without thinking much, happily entwined her little finger with hers.

     “The ringing of the doorbell startled everyone in the apartment, and they realized it was almost 10:30. Mayu had mentioned that she and Jurina will come at around 10:30 to pick up Louise.

     “I’ll get it!” Yuki volunteered and rushed to the front door.

     “Remember, Louise-chan? Don’t tell your Mamas,” Miichan put a finger on her lips and winked and Louise beamed in return, not understanding what the big deal was, but just thinking that it would be good to keep a promise with her aunt to prove that she was a big girl.

     “Hey guys!” Jurina and Mayu casually waved to everyone after Yuki opened the door for them. They walked in together, with Jurina’s arm around Mayu’s waist who was clinging to her wife’s body.

     “Mama Jurina! Mama Mayu!” Louise jumped out of her seat and sprinted towards her parents. Mayu chuckled and held her daughter dearly in her arms. However, Jurina noticed that something was wrong. Mariko was the only one waving at them, with a very suspicious smirk directed at her. Miichan was biting her lips to resist her smile. Yuko looked like she had entered a devastating zombieland with nothing but an unloaded handgun. Takamina, Atsuko, and Haruna were in the kitchen, each holding a can of beer or two. Jurina blinked hard. She knew that the three were never fond of beer. They all looked like they had seen a horror movie. They turned their eyes away from her the moment she made eye contact with them, causing her to have more questions in mind.

     “Did something happen?” the puppy-like asked Yuki, who looked most…normal right now—for a lack of a better word.

     Mayu also found her friends’ behavior strange, and she looked very concerned about her big sister. “What’s going on here?” she asked quietly. Yuko woke up immediately upon hearing Mayu’s voice and she flung herself to her sister, who was shocked that Yuko suddenly hugged her like that. Louise yelped and jumped to her Mama Jurina’s feet.

     “Eh, nee-chan…?” Receiving no response, she looked desperately at Jurina and others. It wasn’t like she didn’t like to be hugged by her sister, but the circumstance was too strange for her. Her wife shrugged, also not really sure what was going on.

     “I guess your Yuko-nee just misses you?” she suggested, not understanding the situation as well but she immediately shut up when Yuko started staring dagger at her. Yuko held Mayu protectively in her arms, and shielded her from Jurina.

     “You ungrateful bastard…I should have known better than to trust Mariko’s sister!” Yuko mumbled under her breath, earning a frightened expression from Jurina. It was the same tone that she heard when Jurina asked Mayu out, and on the night when they announced their engagement to everyone.

     “Hey, did I just hear my lovely name?” called Mariko from the dining table but nobody bothered to respond to her remark.

     “Yuko-nee! What is wrong with you?” Mayu looked furiously at Yuko. She certainly did not entertain the idea of her sister threatening to murder her wife for the umpteenth time.

     Mariko then smacked Yuko in the head and pulled her away, throwing her into the consoling arms of her wife.

     “Don’t worry Mayuyu. Yuko-san is just being her…idiot self,” Yuki assured her.

     “She doesn’t smell like she’s drunk,” Mayu pointed out.

     Yuki quickly shoved them towards the door, not giving them a chance to say anything more. “It’s late now, and Louise should get some sleep soon. You must be tired after your dinner with Aki-P.”

     “But Yukirin…”

     “Good night Mayuyu, Jurina, and Louise-chan~!” Yuki and Miichan completely ignored their attempt to question them and forced them out of the apartment. Jurina and Mayu looked at each other and shrugged, reckoning that arguing with those two would be pointless.

     “And remember to lock the door at night~!” sing-songed Mariko from inside. The couple blinked at the last comment they heard. They were also certain that Yuki and Miichan flashed them a very sly grin before they closed the door, and that made them more curious.

     “Louise, did anything happen tonight?” Jurina asked her daughter as they waited for the elevator. The five-year-old blinked a few times, looked at the ceiling and shook her head. She did not forget her promise with Miichan and Yuki, and she decided to keep it no matter what. She grinned sheepishly and Jurina rolled her eyes.

     “And why did my sister say to lock the door?” Jurina looked at her wife, hoping she would be answered. “Are there a lot of burglary cases these days?”

     Mayu shook her head. She had absolutely no idea what she meant, and somehow she had a gut feeling that her friends wouldn’t tell her even if she asked. “I wish I knew, but—” she stopped talking when they heard some shouting from Takahashi’s apartment.

     “YUKO, STOP IT!”


     “If you’re gonna kill her, remember to do it gently, midget! She’s still my sister.”



     “Oh dear…”


     Jurina and Mayu stared at each other with opened mouths. Louise looked at her parents curiously, wondering why they stayed quiet.

     “Is your sister on her period today?” Jurina carefully asked, amused in Yuko’s persistence in removing her from this world.

     “Let’s just get out of here and go home,” Mayu rubbed her temples. “I don’t think we’ll be able to figure out what happened tonight.”

     “Good idea,” Jurina responded, after listening to Yuko’s yet another declaration of taking her life. The last words they heard before entering the elevator was their daughter’s question, in an exceptionally innocent tone.

     “Where did I come from, Mama?”


Louise-sama | Tasty | JuriMayu OS | END



I made myself Jurina’s and Mayu”s daughter. Oh boy, I could die now.



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  1. Hahahaha.. Lousie-chan so cuuuttttteeeee~ Talkative at the age of 1 yr.. Seriously? Hahaha.. Ohman! I just can imagine their faces when she was telling the story.. Oh dear! That was so hilarious.. xD Really fun to read.. xD Priceless~! Ahahahaha.. Now i wonder how did Jurina and Mayu made Louise? xDDDDD Thanks for your hardwork.. Hope to see more stories from you..


  2. ∑(°Π° ) Oh crap! Sorry about that.. Can you forgive this humble reader of yours Louise-sama? Yup i had fun.. Just little bit awkward where the part when Louise actually caught JuriMayu doing their “thing” while telling the story to others with the innocent look on her face.. But it’s cute though.. Hehehe xD


  3. Thank you Louise-sama.. Hehehe XD I bet you were.. XD Ohwell, atleast little Louise doesn’t knew about “that” thing and she didn’t got a psychological breakdown.. Lol xD Just kidding.. xD


  4. Ohman! If i was on little Louise shoes and i remembered when i grow up.. That just…. BBBRRRRR… Goosebumps~ >_< Oh poor little Louise.. or not.. Lol xD


  5. Ah… Louise-sama Os so cute. Lol I cant stop smiling when I read it. Thank you so much .Lol. The 1st time I comment for you. sorry about I’m a silent reader.


  6. When you said you had something coming up for me to squeal about, you didn’t mention that it would also make me grin like an idiot for 20 minutes straight right after reading it. Louise-chan kawaii (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

    Thank you for making my day with this wonderful OS, Louise-sama!

    Oh and, I’m still working on that chapter for Game. I’ll be done soon though 😀


    • Lol I hope you’re not just exaggerating. I could imagine you grin like that (though I don’t know you). I love Louise-chan so much~

      Omg. Now it’s my turn to squeal! I want to read that chapter so bad! Thanks and good luck! 🙂


      • So, I found out that I actually have a wordpress account xD

        I’m not exaggerating! And if it helps your imagination, I have short hair and glasses 😀
        Louise-chan is probably the cutest OC I’ve ever read about~~

        The chapter’s done! Just tell me where to send it, and I’ll do the rest ^^


        • Cool! I love short-haired people! I once had one too. Ah~ thank you for liking Louise-chan.

          I’m dying to read yours! I’ll just send you a mail through yahoo (yes, I think I know your email address).


  7. Hahahaha 😀 what an over protecting sister. Yuko, just let the two lovey dovey do what they wanna do. Just like what you do with nyan nyan everynight lol.

    kyaaaaaaaaa~.. louise-chan is pretty cute innocent baby :3

    out of a bamboo??? pls i cant imagine that weird imagination.

    and yeahh. i love the last louise’s dialogue.


    • Yeah, Yuko feels that only she has the rights to do perverted things. And our Louise-chan surely is a cute, innocent kid.

      About the ‘out of the bamboo,’ I actually got that idea from a Filipino folklore. Where the first man and woman came out of a large bamboo with the help of a bird. That joke must have been so confusing for some. Lol.


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